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Ladies Offroad Network Inside Access - 2018 Easter Jeep Safari Trail Training - 2018 Easter Jeep Safari Social Media Web Class
Sign up for Ladies Offroad Network Inside Access for 2018 Easter Jeep Safari. Participate in a members only trail ride, have lunch with Charlene, and more! Take advantage of a Trail Training session partnered with BFGoodrich Tires at AreaBFE, and led by I4WDTA pre-certified trainer Charlene Bower. With 4-hour sessions scheduled on Monday, March 26th and Tuesday, March 27th, we are encouraging both women and men to participate. This experience is a great opportunity to wheel with new people, learn about proper trail etiquette, navigating rock obstacles, and more! Lunch will be provided for each group. Spots are limited, so sign up today! Register for the Web and Social Media class, and you will learn the tools to take your website to the next level in the business world. You will also gain the understanding of what is needed and how to fully use the content you have made to drive traffic back to your website for impressions and sales.
Offroad Marketing School Wilderness First Aid Course 2018 Ladies Offroad Convention

Are you struggling with the Sponsor piece of racing? Everyone wants a Sponsor, and Charlene will show you step-by-step how to put a quality package together to deliver, and more importantly, she will tell you what you have to do as a driver or team to get and keep your partners happy. Marketing partners. Yes, that is the new slang word. Having a sponsor is like saying you have a rotary phone - totally old school.

Classes are live online. Two sessions, one week apart for 2 hours.

We are proud to be partnering with the Wilderness Leadership Institute to offer a Wilderness First Aid Certification course following the 2018 Ladies Offroad Convention in Salt Lake City, UT August 6-7, 2018. The Ladies Offroad Convention is an action-packed, interactive 4-day weekend educating, motivating, and guiding all offroad ladies. This year's Convention will be held in Salt Lake City, UT August 2-5, 2018. No vehicle necessary.
Events & Education offered by Bower Media Properties