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We welcome you to be part of a nationwide network of amazing ladies that all share one thing in common: a love for offroading! Founded by Charlene Bower, Ladies Offroad Network is a community for offroad ladies across the country to join together to Guide, Educate and Motivate each other while enjoying their 4x4, UTV, ATV, MC, snowmobile, RC car, etc. JOIN NOW

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There is now a lot of Ladies Offroad Network Gear Available! Be sure to note when you are ordering the color logo that you would like (see specifics per each item) and if you are a Lifetime Member so we can add to your driver side arm! SHOP NOW


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It’s been thought that we should call them “Bower Bucks” or go with something simple like “Store Credit” – whatever you want to call them is fine with us. The point is that you can earn and use these credits while participating in Ladies Offroad Network.